Monday, February 9, 2009

LDS Magazine

Hello All:
Transfers are this week , therefore we won't here anything from Elder Allred probably until Thursday. Here is a link to a wonderful article written by his Mission Presidents' wife Sister Swinton, about the wonderful baptism of Rob & Gemma's family. Elder Allred and his companion are mentioned in it. Enjoy!!!


Kendra the Great said...

Bah! That is SO cool and absolutely amazing. I just can not get over it! I definitely am just brought to tears after reading their story. Especially after we talked so long about the not so great group of males in England. A family of 8... I just can't grasp it! They are practically going to double the primary! So fun! Thanks for this link! Love you!

Rob D said...

Hi....This family of 8 is so greatly for Elder Allred coming into our lives. He has taught us so much in the short space of time that we have known him, but we know we are going to be lifelong friends. Unfortunately today we learned that Elder Allred is moving up to London......we all cried!!! We are truely going to miss him!! He is an amazing young man and we always have great fun and feel the spirit when he is in our home!!! Mum and must be very proud!! We will be sending him parcels with goodies in and a few other bits from Cornwall, just to let him know we are still thinking of him. We have asked him to come and see us being sealed together in a years time....we hope he can make it!!!! Thank you for teaching our family x