Friday, January 2, 2009

New Companion Elder Farnsworth

Wow so much going down right now.... sorry this is gonna be short because we only have a few min but hey thanks for the phone call and all the amazingness!!! Elder Peterson is moving to Claphim or Brixton in London. Sad to see him go but it happens. I am staying in Redruth for another 6weeks! Elder Farnsworth is coming down to serve with me and its gonna be amazing, I am learning how to drive and it was so funny / scary driving a stick with such close roads! But because of Heavenly Father and prayers he has kept us safe!! I am quite nervous so pray for me and the work in Redruth, Kirsty and Shane and Lidya are not getting baptised yet, one day, but we have a lady named Vanessa set a date for Jan 24 and she is way cool and so sweet. We try and exercise sometimes, I love the stickers for my scriptures they are awesome! Thank you, I did all my christmas stuff, thanks so much mom, We haven't been to any other church services but I want to, so hopefully soon. Thanks for the amazing scripture in D&C thats so true and amazing. Ashlee thats soooo good to here about your foot and everything, I am so excited and happy all went well! Thanks for all you do with helping people understand what the gospel is truly about! I have sent two awesome packages home I hope all goes well in them getting there! Tell me how you like your gifts! Being a missionary is scary sometimes and so happy and sad and just loads of emotions, people want to change and become better and recieve eternal rewards, but we have to help them feel the spirit so they will make the right choices and follow their hearts. "One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is Love." Sophocles; What a true statement, its hardest to love those that don't change and don't love back and drive you nuts but you love them anyway because think of Heavenly Father, I bet he is well sad when we don't follow his son because then he can't bless us as much, and he wants us to return and live with him and become like him. Life is so amazing and so sweet and short. I am truly thankful for all you do for me family. I love you all, continue to share your love with others and they will then open up to the gospel as they see one truly live it. Make it a great week I will talk to ya next Mon.!!!! Happy New Year

Companion update: Heavenly father answers prayers, he has helped me drive so we don't die,calmed my fears and led us to a gas station while driving home from Plymouth cuz we ran out of gas! Elder Farnsworth said a prayer and 5 min later we found a gas station, it was so amazing and such a miracle. I lack so much with driving and have a younger missionary with me, but I have found I am putting it all in the lords hands and he is making up for all I lack, it is such a testimony builder! Love you all I will be e-mailing on Monday as normal!

All my Love Elder Allred

Thank you Elder Peterson for the great trainer you were for Elder ALlred. We love you and look forward to keeping in touch with you. Good Luck to the new companionship.

All our best
the Allred's

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