Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blessings Come

I am truly grateful for my Heavenly Father and the blessings he has provided me with. He has kept us safe, guided and directed us in our work. Made words and thoughts come to my mind that have been inspiration from him....not me. He is truly mindful of me, and everyone else. I now have learned more about faith and trust. We have been safe in driving, he has protected us and things are going good now, I finally can drive a stick!!! and on the other side of the road with about half as much space as we have to drive in America, and it was all with Heavenly Father helping me along the way. I had to let go of my fears and trust that he would help us and he has. Elder Farnswoth has been out one move less than me so about 1 and a half months....He is an amazing missionary and we are having a blast together. He is from Linden Utah, also lived in California and has 7 siblings I think. He most likey is related to the Ellsworths in Cedar City, as we were talking about them and he said yeah I think I know them! Yeah my companion has put a lot of trust in me and has loads of faith in me and Heavenly Father!
Fast Sunday was amazing I loved it more than words can describe, we had Vanessa there, she is amazing and her son came too, he really begged her to come so that was awesome. She is so nice and sweet and is really progressing in the gospel, she is getting baptised on the 24. We also had a new family that we taught on Fri. that came with all 6 of their kids. Rob and Gemma are the dad and mom. A true blessing to teach them, it was a referral from a member, Robs sister served a mission in South Africa and she invited Gemma to church. She Liked it and we talked at church and then we went and taught them. Well actually we didn't teach, the spirit totally did. All I remember is we all started to get teary and as testimonies were borne and invitations were made the work was directed by the hand of the lord. I am so excited for them and their family to now have the gospel in there lives. It was one of the greatest teaches so far on the mish. They loved church and they were so excited for us to come around!! Please pray for these people specifically! Thank you. We haven't played too much football but we are gonna start trying to with la's and non members. We do loads of things on p-day, golf, bowling, visit sites and what not. Sounds like all is well back home, I love getting your e-mails, they are all amazing. Thanks for all you do for me and all the prayers, they are totally working!! Reading the scriptures really does make your day better, look for opportunity to share the gospel each day. That's so exciting about Brandon; have him write me his testimony and conversion story! Haha I am glad the girls came and saw you! I bet that was fun, yeah they are pretty amazing girls. Haha I am glad they had faith in my driving!
I love you all so much and am truly grateful for all of you and all that you do and say to me and those around you. You have blessed my life and changed my life for the good, thank you.!!! We have loads of meetings this week going up to Stains for a meeting and then to Poole for zone conference....haha. Life is great, life is wonderful, I love it so much and the gospel is truly the greatest and most amazing thing in the world and in life!!! 1 Nephi 8:12 I think, talks about fruit. Yeah man read that stuff!
Hey if you do send stuff send me some new cds and some talks on cd, like John Bytheway, prophets and what not. Love you all!!
Elder Allred

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