Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas, What A Week!!

You know when you feel like everything has gone wrong and 'ah nothing more can go wrong'.......haha so not true. This last week has been hard and tough and not really effective. But hey we roll with the punches. I have felt myself lack a bit of faith, doubt a bit and when that happens you start to lose. We talked with loads of amazing people, had quite a few awesome teaches set up and then flogged.....haha so many times. As much as you get frustrated with people for making the wrong decision and are annoyed with their ignorance you start to feel sorrow and hurt for what they are denying themselves of in the eternal perspective, just because they are busy. That's rubbish to be totally honest. When you talk to so many amazing people that you feel would accept these things and just won't take the time to listen and not with there silly human ears but there hearts. We had so much funny stuff happen to us this last week, Sunday night while knocking late we started talking to this happy middle-aged lady at the door, then as Elder Peterson was talking to her he noticed there was a dog and asked if that was hers, she was frightened and grabed Peterson's arm and pulled him inside her home and then told me to come in, we were slightly confused but who cares we were in a really nice home and then she told us why..... well it was a german shepard and a police dog. Kevin, her husband was a local police man and Jane was his wife. It was awkard to then preach to them, but we did a bit and they said they would allow us to come around but they were leaving at the moment. They were so sweet and kind, but once again not really to be bothered. Talked to an amazing lady at the door the other day, her name was Debbie and she was so nice, she wanted to learn and everything but said that if her husband was there he would tell us off right away, we had a amazing chat with her, I feel one day he will believe and they will be baptised and married in the temple. I hope so because she deserves that!
So I will be calling you on Thurs. at 6 pm over here in England. We have it all sorted!!! I am pretty excited, have a amazing Christmas give loads of spirtual gifts!
Love Elder Garren Allred

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