Friday, December 19, 2008

Happiness comes from making those around you HAPPY!

I am glad your safe in Montana, I hope you have an amazing time while your up there. enjoy it so so much! I haven't got the Christmas box yet but I am sure I will soon.:) I will make sure to pass out the goodness to all those people. I love hearing about them, I hope all the kids are doing great and have a great Christmas. Tell Kyle not to worry, they are all good, life is busy I understand, just like out here life is busy. I still love them! It is so true about being careful with money and such at this time, I hope everything is going well with ya'll right now and such! :)
So Christmas day I will call around 6 England time which would be about 11:00 in Utah. Try and get Kyle and Heather on a conference call so iIcan talk to you all. Its for 1 hour so make da' most of it haha I will try and remember some good stories to tell you all and awesome experiences we have had!
Our week was really good, up and down like a heart rate monitor. haha. Were not teaching any of the people that you have heard of, we are teaching an amazing lady named Kirsty and her family I love them so much, and just wish she would commit and live these things so heavenly father could shower blessing upon her and her family, our first contact with her was in OCT, and she was going to come to church this last Sunday but the ride we got for her went and she said she wasn't feeling well, our hearts sank but hey trials only make you stronger! We were suppose to have 4 new people come to church this last Sunday but they all hosed out on us. I was so sad for them, missing out on feeling Gods love, man if everyone only knew what they were truly missing they would all die to come to church.
So elder Peterson and I have been walking the Camborne high street for a while now and a new barber shop opened about a month or so ago, as we walked past every day pretty much we saw a younger girl in there and not much business, we always felt like we should go in and speak with her, but no we thought it would be to weird or awkward. So Heavenly Father had to put her in our path, haha man if we just listened to that prompting. We were walking down the street this last week and we stopped her in the street and had a great talk and she said to come by the shop when its slow and talk!! so amazing and she is such a nice girl I am excited to teach her. Also last night our prayers were answered when we went out on the high street and found pretty much exactly what we prayed for, a 25 ish male that would let us teach him Monday we are teaching him at 8 tonight, I am way excited. This is the lords work, we meaning all of us can only do it with his help and he can only help us fully if we are obedient. Its not too complicated, but we humans sometimes seem to complicate things. silly us. I love you all and hope your week is amazing and fun and full of Christmas love.

Love Elder Garren Allred
Ps: how is Chris Ellsworth doing and there family?, and did he go back out? Hope all is well with everyone back there! :)

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