Monday, December 8, 2008

Find joy in the Journey

As I sat in our flat yesterday during study I decided to read President Monson's talk from conference again......What an inspired man truly called of god. Just as I started to read I felt Heavenly Father let me feel once again that warm feeling of the truthfulness of these things and that this man is a prophet of god. As I read, I started to understand life more my mind was lifted up and I just was so happy Heavenly Father has blessed me with these things. I love his great references to that of inspired men and plays and great historical writers. As life changes and we embrace that change and come to love and enjoy life and whatever comes we gain new light from Heavenly Father, then we come to understand more fully what we already knew! I thank you all for raising me like you did, teaching me what you did, taking the time to show me love and how to love and how to treat others. You, Mom and Dad are the reason I am who I am today, Along with the gospel of course....ha-ha. As we were at church yesterday and sat and soaked up the spirit, one of the younger guys in the ward was talking about how on his mission people were always saying to him, that he had life easy and he agreed, I would say the same,but then the key thing he said is that has happened from obeying the laws of God, putting that first and then receiving blessings. The importance of a mission cannot be described with words or anything; it really does have an eternal significance, beyond our understanding.
This last week was amazing, we met loads of new people and had many great experiences. As we have been going about teaching and finding new people we truly have been blessed. It is not easy teaching people who don’t believe in God, that’s where we’re at right now, ha-ha it is crazy and slightly sad because some of them aren’t fully willing to act and plant that seed to see if it is good and can grow. We met a man named Steve on the high street a few days ago, he was great, believed in God and Jesus Christ and the bible, but was confused why there were so many religions.......oh yes that makes us so excited when people say that! So were going by and teaching his family this next week. I got the one package with all the’re so awesome mom! As we were teaching a lady this last week, she is amazing her name is Kirsty, we met her about 3 months ago, she hasn’t been too willing to act but she committed to come to church this next week and I have the feeling she is going to change her life and be baptized and then be able to enjoy the blessings and happiness that come from living the gospel! Please pray for her:) I love the mission so much, I honestly can’t believe 4 months out already. The joys that come from people allowing Heavenly Father in their lives is amazing, we just have to show him were ready to change, change is hard but it is always what we’re doing changing and becoming the best we can be.
I have gotten a letter from Trevor, he is an amazing missionary, and I got one from Matt!
Tell everyone Hi for me and to enjoy the Christmas season, especially the family time! :)
D&C 6:36, doubt not, fear not!
Love you all so much, find joy in today’s journey!
Elder Garren Allred

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