Monday, December 1, 2008

This is so Amazing

Thanks for your awesome e-mails, love you all and am glad you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Festivities! :) The meal Kylee and Amy cooked us was so good! Thanks mom and they really did a great job. Thats cool, sounds like you and dad had a great time. I hope you have fun up with Kyle and Heather. That will be awesome. Haven’t received anymore boxes yet but will be on the lookout. Yeah it has turned cold but we're doing well! Its nice when heavenly father blesses you with people to teach.
I love you all and just want to share some stories that strengthened my testimony this last week.

Friday we had zone conference, as we sat there and heard stories and testimonies and received counsel from our leaders I felt the warmth of the spirit so much, my heart was lifted up. I felt the love of those missionaries for others and saw how really when we lose our life for the savior and the cause of saving other peoples souls our life is then in return saved. I see why missionaries are so happy why they never want to leave or do anything different; we are blessed with the opportunity to serve give of ourselves to others. I love the people here they are so different then what you would expect but so so amazing. As I heard one of our Zone leaders bear his testimony about why he knew he was in the area he was in now, my heart was touched by the spirit that was flowing from his heart, he spoke of the healing power of the atonement, mending our broken hearts, giving us warmth when we are out in the cold and light to the darkness of the world some people are in. I felt blessed for heavenly father to allow me to feel the spirit so strong at that moment that all those things I sometimes doubt were gone.
We had an amazing teach with a young lady named Sara the other day, the first time we knocked on her door, she didn’t believe in god. Now she does, and is going to be baptized soon! The spirit spoke to her heart and she felt it, she didn’t know what it was at first but when we told her she said yeah I felt like my heart was burning, I felt warmth. Then we asked her if she wanted to feel that more and of course she said yes. Then we committed her to be baptized. What a blessing it is to see the spirit work on someone’s heart in a few days. We walked out of that teach in awe, heavenly father loves his children, each of us. Those that have an open heart and a soft heart will feel the spirit and then have a decision to make of whether or not they want to act upon it. She chose to act. Blessings come from action not laziness. I love Jesus so much, after we had a young women program on sun they talked about their love for the savior. One of the leaders got up and bore her testimony, the first thing she said is, and I know I am a child of god! I started to get emotional because of the spirit I felt from her, she know it and just then I knew. We really all are children we are loved, what more can we do than to show that love back to heavenly is that simple, keep all the commandments. Which includes everything, if we do but do one thing, charity? I know now more than ever that these things are true, I haven’t ever had anything big happen to me but I don’t need to. The spirit has spoken over and over again through that small voice; I can feel it in my heart and cannot deny that. The happiness that comes from this is so much I might just burst. ha-ha I know I am losing it. I love being able to share this with others, it is truly a privilege. Thanks for all you do, make this week a great one! Lift someone up with that love that heavenly father has shown you. Take interest in someone’s life that you never thought you would talk to. You’re all as blessed as we are.

There is no beginning or end? Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a Gift.

Love elder Allred

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