Monday, December 1, 2008

Blessings really can come!!

With a weekend like we had I can’t help but express my love for my father in heaven! Prayers really are heard and answered, burdens are lifted and our hearts our softened, lives can change with the exercise of only an ounce of faith. I can’t put into words how I felt after seeing Kylee and Amy enjoy the blessings that come from being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost. I felt the power of God with both elder Peterson and I, as we had the privilege of exercising the priesthood power our father in heaven has so graciously given us.

Not all miracles turn into something, haha as sad as that is to realize but I feel heavenly father gives us those so we can carry on, feel the spirit and strengthen our own testimony of the truthfulness of the work. Keith we haven’t been able to teach yet. :( Flogged means when we go to an appointment they aren’t there they ditch us.....its English slang. There are loads of cool words they say over here. Hey mom don’t worry about sending a snail mail letter every week. an e-mail is plenty, thank you for all you have done for me in my life, your truly are a blessing, I have come to the conclusion that heavenly father gave me one amazing family, great parents that are amazing examples to me, a wonderful brother and sister who I truly love and care for.

Christmas in Cornwall is going to be amazing, I love it down here, we have loads of work to do so I am excited to stay! Zone Conference is this Friday so YEAH we get to travel forever.......I miss going out and talking to people like we get to most days, p-days aren’t even that nice. We came to the conclusion there not because we don’t feel the spirit as much and don’t get to show that much charity so we then need to do that so we can be lifted up and become happy. I love this work with all my heart, its True I feel something deep within my soul when heavenly father is revealing new truths to me, my heart burns when I offer up the desires of my heart and he really is there listening to me, he is mindful of my needs and my trials. No greater love can we show to him than by showing others the way, the light, true happiness.

On exchange yesterday in Helston, Elder Johnson and me were walking and contacting on the Famouth High St. not having much luck a few good conversations here and there then we stopped this really pretty women named Melissa, she had a baby boy 10 months old, was from New Zealand married, and just an amazing and sweet lady. We had a great talk with her about the gospel, she had a book of Mormon given to her by missionaries in New Zealand. After talking for a while I asked when we could come around and talk more, SHE SAID NO THANKS, she wanted just to sit on the fence. That’s what she said to us, we just bore our testimonies and gave her a restoration pamphlet. Then invited her to read it and read from the b of m and pray. After we walked away from her my heart dropped, I was torn apart. She would have been so blessed by living the gospel. It truly hurt me, but then you just have to pick yourself back up and move on with it. Still sad but hopefully one day she will fall off the fence onto the side of the fence that can give her an eternal marriage and an eternal family.
Love you all, thanks for everything that you do for me.
Don’t forget to talk to everyone, its our duty to give freely of what heavenly father has given us freely. Show those around us that we care enough to show them the light truth and happiness that living a Christ like life can bring.......Bless them that curse you, pray for them that use you......Matt 5:25 something like that.. great scripture.

Also Alma 5: last verse of ch.

Friends are angles who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Tell everyone hi and happy December!
Love Elder Allred

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