Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miracles' really do happen

An amazing last few days have happened in mine and Elder Peterson’s life. Our Prayers have been answered more than I can count and so specific too. I know with all the feelings in my heart that we have a loving Heavenly Father that is truly mindful of our prayers and hears them. I would like to just share a few stories of this last week. One night after being flogged at like 8 o’clock we went back to our flat and decided we had a few minutes to go to the high street to find someone, it had been an amazing day so far and Elder Peterson said a very humble prayer and asked that we would find someone excited and ready to hear the restoration. Now the high street at night is normally pretty rubbish but as we were walking back to our flat there he was, Elder Peterson stopped him and we then had an amazing discussion, he doesn’t smoke or drink, is married, teaches at the college, and has been thinking a lot about God recently. Our jaws were on the floor, we couldn’t believe it. He then gave us his mobile number and said yes come by this Sunday! This was such an amazing blessing we were given.
Were both staying here another 6 weeks! WOW so happy, we love Redruth! Sorry about Peterson’s birthday we have just been so busy I forget loads of things. Thanks for the talk mom, yeah sweet the scripture covers sound really cool, Debbie and Jo got there puzzles and I gave the girls there bracelets. Hey our Zone Leaders are not crazy; we love them, ha-ha that was so much fun. And we actually sang I Am a Child of God. Ha-ha such great times and amazing experiences. Thank you for all you do and all your prayers they are felt by us all. Scriptures really are amazing, they can do anything and help teach and invite the spirit, we have been really focusing on the Book of Mormon and really reading from it, making it exciting and applying all that we learn.
I will finish with another amazing story: We went to the high street yesterday; we stopped an older lady named ann., so sweet and cute. She told us an experience about her baby girl dying when she was only a few days old, Ann was so upset she cursed god and told us she was just so mad that he had taken her baby girl. One night Ann prayed again and asked for forgiveness and said she didn’t mean what she had said. A few nights later she had a dream, she said it was so real. As she explained what had happened Elder Peterson and I both just really felt the spirit from this lady. Her daughter was in a little glass crib like thing, people in white were all around, and she said she felt calmness. Then a lady approached her and took her to her child, she said her baby was never happy when she was born, just cried a lot because of what was wrong with her, she said she saw her child all happy and smiling and she knew she would be with her again someday. As this lady told us this I just felt God’s love teach and testify to me about his plan for us, we all will be reunited and can live forever and be happy forever. We just need to do all we can to show God that we want this and not silly worldly happiness. It was just so awesome words cannot describe how I felt as she spoke.

Remember Miracles’ really can happen we just have to show we have some faith and then exercise that faith!

Love Elder Allred

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