Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Halloween all over the world!

Thank you very much for your e-mail. so a few things: sorry about the money thing it was un-expected we had to have all our suits dry cleaned which cost a bunch, but the church is going to cover the cost and repay us because our flat has scabies, a nasty disease that makes you itch like crazy,(kind of like lice, but not as bad) so that was my bad, but I had no way of telling you so thank you for sorting that all out mom! Love you. Transfers are in 2 weeks so pretty soon.....kind of scary. Yes we can print stuff off where we e-mail. and yeah we have to pay but it’s not that bad. I am glad you liked all the pictures thanks for keeping them all safe. I really don’t need anything, I am going to go buy some thermals and gloves so I got that all sorted out....:)
So yeah I have heard about Kylee and you and Amy. Thanks for being so sweet and kind. Everything went great, well as good as we can hope for. This last week we just have been really busy with teaches and finding and an exchange. It has been a blast. Kylee and Amy are amazing and so are there kids, it is amazing how much the gospel can really change us and bring us more happiness than we could ever imagine. I love talking to people, and getting to know all sorts of people and seeing what they enjoy in life. What keeps them ticking and every time we do this it relates to the restored gospel and these things we teach and know are inside of everyone but they just don’t want to be bothered to change or work hard for something. Hard work and diligence are such amazing things to possess in our lives. We just have to keep going doing what’s right and work through our trials and come out on top and lift those that are down, that’s what becoming stronger is all about. This last week we had an amazing referral from a sister up north his name is Jimmy we had to drive 40 + min out in the middle of nowhere in the dark to find the farm where he works, we taught him in our car because the people he lives with aren’t too keen on the church. It was such a humbling and amazing experience. He understood what we were saying, he wants this in his life and was excited to read the Book of Mormon. At the end of the teach I really did care for this man, I loved him for who his is and what he wants to become, too many times we judge those around us without getting to really know people. That’s what I have really learned a lot over the last bit of the mission. We don’t know what they are going through or what happened in their life and we can’t blame them, but also they should know not to use these things as an excuse. I know this is the one true church, I know from the power of our loving Heavenly Father and his spirit that everything we say is true. This has lead us to say things to people, lead us to places to know people to teach scriptures to read. We have been used by Heavenly Father to touch his children’s hearts, that’s what changes people, not us. Read Alma 26 it explains this a lot better than I can. I love you all and am so thankful for all you do for me. Remember this always. Your an amazing family and have molded me into the person I am today for this I will be forever grateful! You’re so right mom it isn’t always easy because if it was we would not need to turn to Heavenly Father, that’s why it’s hard but he does promise it will be worth it and I have felt that worth. Laugh through your trials and smile because it really does work.

Love Elder Garren Allred

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