Monday, November 10, 2008

All is Well

Writing this e-mail a bit late because of some delays at the library. But no worries, so today was fun it was Elder Petersons birthday and we went bowling in Turo, man was that fun. We all had a blast together with the Helston Elders. It was so weird, I felt like a real person for a bit, so that was nice. Ha-ha, but no really being a missionary is the best thing ever! The Coat is keeping me warm and shoes are doing great. Also we don’t eat any seafood, it’s really expensive and we’re not near the port towns, where there are loads of seafood places, but saying that, we eat so so well! Hey you’re so amazing, thanks for the flat rate envelopes....we loved them and those were perfect DVDs to send. Ha-ha except for the Finding Faith in Christ because we have loads of them. You’re so amazing mom, you do so much for me thank you so much I love all of you a ton. Transfers are in a week. That’s so awesome, primary is so great, tell all your kids hi and tell Stetson hi as well. Everything is going great on our teaches, I only wish I was better at teaching, good thing Heavenly Father is always there helping us out, like this last Sunday our ward mission leader who teaches gospel principles wasn’t there and we had loads of people in that class, and we totally had to just teach. So we read Alma 14 and just talked about it and it was so good, even though there were like 4 kids all going crazy while we were teaching. Good times, good times. This last week we had a night when we were out knocking on doors for 3 hours straight in the rain, it was blowing every which way and it was so funny and crazy, no one believed in God and no one wanted to talk to us. Elder Peterson and I were just laughing because that all we could do was laugh through our trials....but then later that night we had a teach set up with a less active and her fiancĂ© and it went really well so Heavenly Father blessed us a lot for enduring that crazy awesome weather. Yeah I sent a letter to Trevor but it got sent back so I was really confused. Thanks for getting his address to me. That’s way cool about the missionaries in California, I hope all works out and what not. Oh yeah is that crazy or what, were getting a new president in Jan., man that is so fast. As I have been teaching and reading more and more from the scriptures, new light has been shed on life and what’s really important in life. Really our families and those people that we are close to, we are the ones that make life happy and fun, the honest best way to build those relationships are through Christ-like attributes. It amazes me how hard they are to really have all of them. This really is the lord’s church, being lead by a prophet of God. These men are not in it for anything, nor should we be in it for vain glory of the world but to show our Father in Heaven love and thanks for all we have, that’s why we should serve and not waste our lives away. We should serve our brother and sisters that walk by us every day, and do all that we can to have strong family relationships. I just love the gospel, it really is happy and fun and we can laugh every day. I bet Heavenly Father has a good laugh every once in a while, so should we, life should be exciting and fun and enjoyed so we need to do those things to have a life like that.
Missions rule, it’s scary at times and lots of the time I feel inadequate, but I know and trust that Heavenly Father will help me as he has so many times, as I am sure all of us have had in our lives, but it is just more clear to me when we are serving full time and doing what we can to help others. Love you all thanks for the e-mails. Have a great week!!!!

Love Elder Allred

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