Thursday, October 9, 2008

OH How Life is Great!!

General Conference was so amazing this last weekend. Both of our recent converts went to 2 sessions of it. So we traveled to Helston to watch it over satellite. The times were all over the place though because of the time difference. We didn't get to watch the last session which I was sad about but we watched most of i. One of the seventies that spoke was the GA at our zone conference we had a few weeks ago. Gerald Causse. That was cool to see him speaking at general conference! Debbie our recent convert brought us lunch and goodies,she is amazing, she makes us so much food its crazy! Like last night we were tracting in Redruth and she phoned us and invited us over for Tea again. Its so amazing here in Redruth. I loved all the talks at conference. I have never before in my life feasted upon their words like I did that day! Elder Wirthlin's talk about laughing through trials was one of my favorite, it's so true, and we do that all the day long when people are being crazy and what not. So much has happened these last few days. After conference our investigator Sam invited us over for tea, she went to the Sat. afternoon session which was Sunday morning here. Then that night we went over and had a great chat about life and conference. We told her we really did love and care about her. When we left we said one of us might be moving this next week, so yesterday she called when we were tracting, I answered and she told me she wants to join properly haha it was amazing. She is going to be baptized. I have seen her heart soften so much over the last few weeks, its amazing what the spirit of the lord can do! Then we told her WE WERE BOTH STAYIING in REDRUTH for another 6 weeks. So I am staying here!!!! YEAH buddy. The hard thing is she wants lots of time to prepare, so she wants to be baptized the first of Jan. sometime, but were going over to her house on Monday to talk about it, so yea! pray for her heart to be softened more and want to be baptized sooner. Thanks for your card you sent mom I loved it oh yeah tell John M. hi.

I know my shirts do look big I think I have lost weight or something, yeah Peterson cut my hair and we both just help each other, its so funny! I kinda cut my own, plus we wouldn't waste money on hair cuts. Don't worry about sending any food really because I promise we get everything we need and want mom, I am only missing your cooking but I will wait for that alright! :)

So we are also teaching this amazing part-member less active family. Jenny and Simon, they have 6 kids and are just such an amazing family. I pray and hope they will come to embrace the gospel! So nice and sweet to us, last time we were over teaching all the kids, which are all under 9, they were drawing us pictures. It was the cutest thing in the world guys! Simon just has such a hard time believing in God, but he will come around soon! Jenny just hasn't been to church in 10 years and fell to the ways of the world, but they are both so sweet and amazing. After our teach last time they ordered Chinese food for us. It is so fun teaching and talking with them. Thank you for all the cool stories and articles.

I hopefully will get your packages soon because the other elders in our district had to go to the temple to pick up a new elder.

Oh yeah our P-days are MONDAY now so I will be e-mailing this Monday again so that is now changing alright?

Elder Peterson and I are speaking this Sunday, so were way excited it shall be great!
Dad hi, love you thanks for everything you do for me! You are an amazing Bishop, keep on those kids and show them the excitement and fun the gospel really provides us!
All is great here, love you all tell everyone hi.
Oh yeah i got a letter from Trevor, good stuff haha I loved it. Tell his family hi for me!
Also rebuke Kendra, Larissa and Mara for not sending me anything, it was my two month mark yesterday! haha jk show them nothing but love!
Have a great few days and I will e-mail again on Monday!
Elder Garren Allred ELSM

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Larissa Lynn said...

Wow I just got rebuked.... talk about feeling small and like the worst friend ever! Good thing he is still so amazing and will be getting three letters very soon i predict :P