Monday, October 13, 2008

Families are the Greatest

Thanks so much for everything mom, your e-mails just make me smile and it really makes me feel the spirit from you all! These last 4 days have been amazing, me and Elder Peterson were talking so much about the love our families have for us, and when we were on a DA over at an investigators last night we were telling them that it is all because of our families as to who we are and our moms are at the root of all that goodness! I have to share an amazing experience that just makes me want to cry, So Simon and Jenny, the family I was telling you about that have 6 kids. They came to church yesterday; just talking about it makes tears well up in my eyes. Their family is amazing, anyway they said we did so well on our talks. Simon, the husband, he is just so nice and a sweet guy. He finds it hard to believe in God but he wants to. We are hoping to get him baptized soon so that he can then baptize his 3 kids that are over the age of 8. I just know what the gospel can do for them and I think they are starting to recognize the same., There youngest Ellie, she is 3, during the sacrament meeting after I talked and was sitting down she brought a mint over to me and she was just a doll, wearing a pretty flower dress. The kids all loved it and we are going over this week again to teach and have tea with them. I was just so excited when I saw them walk in, it really did fill my soul. Our talks went alright. We talked about member missionary work, I shared some stories and then a great scripture in Luke 22: 32 I love it, Christ is so amazing and Peter turned out to be an amazing man as well. Life is amazing on the mission, charity edifiy as it says in 1 Corinthians 8:1. It really does change our hearts, softens us and fills us with joy and makes us in turn become better when we show that pure love of Christ! I love the scriptures so much now because I see them in a new light, a new excitement they all can apply so well to us today and to everyday life. They truly are the words of our Heavenly Father. We are going to the Temple WED but have to leave Tues morning, so that shall be awesome, it is zone conference. I am so excited but I will miss our people down here, oh yeah stake conference is this Sunday. We have to travel by bus for about 2 or 3 hours! Fun Fun! Yes all three packages are going to get to me today the elders in Helston got them from the temple and were playing table tennis with them today. So awesome about winter over there, here it is going to be fun and interesting. Dad, great job on school, you’re so amazing I love you a lot, and thank you for being tuff on me when I needed it and teaching me how to work ,it really means the world to me. Thanks for talking with the girls mom ha-ha I was just teasing I love ya'll!. We had a crazy experience yesterday when we went over to teach a potentional investigator, this guy started going on and on and wouldn’t let us talk and was trying to intimidate us and Elder Peterson and I just bore our testimonies and he sat back and couldn’t say anything to that, it is so sad because he is a great guy and has lots of good beliefs. He is just mixed up about things and what not. Then we had an amazing teach after that and talked about the prophets and Jesus with Catherine and her son Shane. She is like 60 something and he is like 24. He is a professor, and has been an investigator for over a year. The spirit needs to touch his heart so he will be baptized and make the promise with our Heavenly Father. That’s so fun about Miss SUU, hey make sure the ones that would be good for me write me a letter and send a picture? ha-ha:) sounds good to me! Tell everyone hi and I love them. The gospel is beautifully simple, and simply beautiful. It is fun and exciting and brings that fullness of joy many people lack in their lives, I am so happy that we as a family can be together forever.

Love Elder Garren Allred

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