Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 11

Thanks for the e-mails everyone, thank you mom and Kyle and Heather and Whites for your packages. They were really huge and I loved them, Oh yeah just a reminder, I can’t chew gum, but thanks anyway. They really lift you up when you get something in the mail. Thanks so much everyone I love you all. We have tons of candy and food and goodies, the best things you could send are like church stuff, church stickers, pictures, a family album, presents for others that I can give away because I have everything I need. :) Oh yeah I need a cool nice pen or even good church cds are nice, if it’s a pen make sure a fine tip bald point.

The temple was amazing. There are not words to describe it but I will try anyway, we went there which was a crazy long drive 629 total miles there and back. Wow but it was worth it, the peace and calmness I felt at the temple was something I want to have with me always. I want everyone to go there and feel that same thing. What a gift we have to give to others. There is a new visitor center that was just finished. It is amazing and it lets others feel the spirit of the temple outside of the temple. Our heavenly father loves us, he loves me and a special house where we can more fully feel of his love is a special gift he has given to us, let’s have the courage to use and enjoy that gift.
Simon is doing great I love their family and I just feel like I have know him for so long, he wants to believe he wants to be with his family forever, but change is hard. I think they will welcome it when they more fully can understand what God has given us.

The weather has been amazing except it is raining today. We had food that a member gave us when we went to conference. It was so spiritual there and the talks and everything was amazing. My testimony was strengthened by the power of the Holy Ghost at that meeting. I thank Heavenly Father for that love he let me feel. I know he lives and loves us, why else would he give his son, how tuff that must of been for him, but his son understood the eternal perspective, Jesus Christ loves us, he loves me, he suffered for all the dumb and silly things I have done wrong. How grateful and loved that makes me feel, I want to become like him, but it’s hard, it really is, but I know it’s worth it, I can feel that in my heart. All of us continually need to come unto Christ. we are all weak, I boast not of myself but of Heavenly Father because of his matchless power, his capacity to love unconditional. This is what changes us, this is what makes us humbly wanting to be like him and he wants the same that’s why he has provided us a way. I love the gospel with all my heart now!! Nothing else makes me happier than that love I feel from Heavenly Father it’s amazing, I feel that same love from you guys. I thank you so much for everything you have done for me, I can’t say thanks enough or do anything to repay you. I will try anyway. :)
Food is good mom, it’s all different but most of it tastes the same as American.
Love you all, tell everyone hi and keep on the straight and narrow, it’s the best of all the paths.
Love Elder Garren Allred
PS: have a great week, Love you Ashlee and Kyle and Heather and DAD and Dresden and Arie and Gabby, thanks for the photos Heather :)

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