Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's No BULL!

Ha mom you make me laugh so much... you don’t need to ask for forgiveness, I could never hold anything against you! You go above and beyond what you need to for me! It’s amazing to me how lucky I am to have you and dad as my parents I am so so blessed. I am really glad families are forever. Thanks for getting me that was so cool and blew me and Elder Peterson away. Sister Stone is amazing, that’s funny you know her and chat with her. I think she is amazing and so wonderful she does a lot for the ward and her testimony this last week was just so special and sweet and simple. Tell Tyson good job and wish them all the best from me! That’s so exciting and amazing! Sorry I take most of the pictures but I will send some of me as well this week. I hope your week was amazing and fun! Because ours was the best ever. Heavenly Father really does want all of us to be happy, we just have to choose what’s right to be happy. It’s really that dang easy. The Gospel is so fun, exciting and happy! Everyone needs to know that and when we look at it that way, like praying is amazing and reading the amazing stories in the scriptures is so much fun I can’t believe I wasn’t that into it before how foolish I was. Yes I am getting dads e-mails! Thanks for all the letters, tell grandma and grandpa and Uncle Roger thanks I love them. So yeah we were so busy and didn’t have time to go to Sharon’s so she just posted it to me but called us on the phone to tell me you e-mailed her and we were both like what????? Then we had a good laugh and I said how amazing you are and how good with the internet and computers, so I wasn’t too surprised! Yeah its crazy being out here because we hear of nothing.....I kind of like it, but we will pray for everything back home in the states. Heavenly father won’t let us fall farther then we can pick ourselves up. Thanks for all the stories, I love them wish I had more time in the day to read stuff I just love it all. I know being obedient is so easy when you realize it’s for our own good, for us to be happy that’s why we have commandments, Heavenly Father knows the way, why stray when we know he loves us and wants us to be happy and he knows how that can happen!!! It’s all so amazing. Thanks for the advice about thanking people yes Pres and Sister Swinton are amazing and do so much and they just recently had a grand baby so that’s fun! Mission life is so busy and crazy and so amazing I wish everyone in the world would have this chance, thank you for always being there, for me showing me the way and helping me along the path mom. You have changed lives by molding my life. I am so grateful for all of you and everything you do for me! Conference is going to be so amazing this weekend I am so excited and we have a few investigators and such coming, its going to be the best ever. I love everyone back home send them all my love! Tell Marsha hi and thanks for everything. Mom this church is the Church of Jesus Christ He died for love is greater than that. Our Heavenly Father loves and everyone I have felt that very love so much and seen it so much. Short amazing story real quick; we knocked into an inactive member last night and she hadn’t been to church for 10 years. She just got married a month ago but has been with him for 7 years they have 6 kids, so amazing and wonderful. The husband doesn’t believe in God. They let us in, as it was raining outside. It was dark and cold and we went in and chatted with them for an hour, the spirit was so strong we had such a nice chat and are going back on Fri. to teach her husband and her. Mom that wasn’t us, it all started with our Heavenly Fathers love for his children, we were just instruments in his hands. We walked out and I was in shock I wanted to cry. This work is inspired and so amazing I will send a letter explaining that story more later. Thanks a ton, you’re the best mom in the world I love you so much have a great week and a sweet time at conference!

Love Elder Garren Allred

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The Tanner Family said...

Hello Elder Allred! You don't know me, but your brother is my best friends husband. Heather and Kyle are great friends of ours so I have heard a lot about your mission and how very proud they are of you. Heather told me about this site and I love blogger, so I wanted to check it out. I love missionary work. I am where I am today because of the Missionaries that took time for my family. Thank you so much for your service. Always remember that when you feel that you may not be making progress, you are. The seed is planted and in time, when it is the right time, great things will happen. Keep up the great work. You are loved and prayed for always.
Michelle Tanner