Thursday, September 11, 2008

Words can not describe how Amazing

Haha words can not describe how amazing this last week has been. Thank you so much for your letters and e-mails everyone i love to read them. I can feel your love every time and it does a boy good! So me and my companion are getting along so amazing we're so similar and it just works out great. We have so much fun doing the work, laughing and teaching and just doing all we can to invite others unto Christ. My testimony has grown leeps and bounds this last week with regards to the spirit and the Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel. They all do so much to help us have the spirit to know what to say and to bring others to the gospel. At church this last week we had 5 investigators it was crazy awesome and the testimony meeting was the best I have ever been at! I could just feel the spirit so strong the whole time! I love the happiness the gospel brings to people, the change of heart and the strength it can bring us in our lives! So we have hopefully 4 baptisms this Saturday!!! Man did Peterson and Zimmer do work before I got here. It is nice being able to see what can happen after the work is put in! Sorry I didn't e-mail yesterday, we were on exchanges with the district leader. He is an amazing young man his name is Elder Johnson, So we were having a good time together. Its crazy, me having to lead him around to our investigators today for there interviews, but Heavenly Father helped me out so much! Then we have zone meeting on Fri. and the baptisms on Sat night and two new investigators to meet with on Sat morning so we are busy busy busy! The ward here is amazing. We have been on two dinner appointments so far and have one with the bishop tonight! and many more to come. The stores here are similar but the money is so different, but we eat amazing and its so dang wonderful The country-side is beautiful! We played futball (soccer) with some boys yesterday that aren't members, but one of the boys was a son of one of the members and it was a blast! The spirit has been strong this last week. Just one experience I would love to share. So we were getting out of the car to go knock and I got out and this scary looking man walked past and I tried to stop him, he just swore at me and said there was no God and just was so angry. I don't remember what I said I was kinda scared that he was gonna hit me, but then I felt this peace come over me. Then we talked with him for 20 or so min., and he was so nice and kind, he had gone through one of the roughest lives ever. The Spirit was so strong and it softened that mans heart within min. It strengthened me so much. So we both just talked and tried to give him strength and what not. Hopefully he comes to church this next week but if not we planted a large seed. The thing is, it wasn't even us, it was Heavenly Father and the spirit. Because I had no clue what I was saying. He then kept saying he was sorry for being so rude and mean and when we said goodbye I could feel his spirit lifted, his heart softened, and his willingness to learn and draw nearer to the Lord. Any package is so appreciated! Your amazing family and mom i love you so much! Thanks for being an amazing example to me. You all have made me the person I am now and I can't thank you enough. Thanks for always caring and looking out for me and teaching me so many useful things. Read Nephi 4, I read it this morning and it shows us what we need to do to be the happiest people in the world and what will happen if we stop doing those things... The Cornish people are great, Debbie and her girls are awesome, and I am so excited for there baptism this Saturday. It is going to bring them so much strength and happiness in there lives and in the future. Jo our other lady that is being baptized is about 27 and has changed so much in the 2 weeks I have been here. She is so strong and loves reading the scriptures and has grown up, and drawn closer to Christ. Thanks for all the prayers and everything that you all do! Tell everyone hi for me. Cheer hard for the Thunder Birds and let them know of my love for everyone. As we draw closer to Heavenly Father we can become more happy than we ever imagined. If we get on our knees and talk with him and show him our willingness to want to become better, he will give us a helping hand! I know he will. The world is a crazy place and never brings us the happiness that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring us! My one month mark was the other day and it was crazy, I can't believe it's been a month, it is going way way too fast. I never want to come back to real life. Have a wonderful week, keep on keeping on. Cheers Mate!!

Love Elder Allred


Kendra the Great said...

If I wanted to email Garren just a quick little line, how would I go about doing that? I know that he can not write me back and I do not expect that at all, I just wanted to drop him a line to tell him I have not forgotten about him and have just been crazy busy with school starting and my grandma dying... Anyway love all of you!

Jord said...

Garren is the greatest kid! I'm so impressed at how mature he is. The People in his mission will be better for knowing him!