Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Made it to My First Area!!

So much has happened since I last e-mailed, it is crazy!!!! Haha so I am in the Plymoth Zone...... down in REDRUTH! It's on the coast! You remember Cornwall, well thats where I am serving. My trainer is Elder Peterson from Box Elder,Utah. He has been out 7 months. It was crazy getting our trainers at the temple on move day. HaHa we stayed the night at the Mission home on the London temple grounds, and the new greenies went to the London temple the next day while we were getting instructions for the field. Aw.. it's an amazing temple. All your e-mails are great thank you all! That shocked me and through me for a loop about the Ellsworth Family. I will keep the family in our prayers. Everything sounds amazing at home, keep it up and keep having fun. So it took me and Elder Peterson 8 hours to drive from the temple to our area...oh man it was crazy . Redruth is amazing, and the ward here is amazing. The bishop is amazing. We are teaching a single mom right now, she has three kids and is going to be baptized on the 13th, were praying everthing works out and were also teaching this older mom that has a ten year old son. She is lacking faith but we're trying to help her with that. Those are all people they were teaching before i got here so I lucked out, but while finding them last week we met three college girls and a guy and taught them, so we are praying they become amazing investigators. Its so crazy just being thrown into it all, but I love it and have so much to learn. Church was amazing my first week, I bore my testimony and then we had the chance to watch the primary program, it was so cute and the spirit was so strong I loved it! The mission really does make a man out of you and helps you to grow up and become more like Christ than I ever could imagined! Its amazing! So I will be e-mailing on Wed. now. Greenie package haha sooooo funny! Life is amazing and showing other people how much you love and care about them by sharing the gospel is one of the greatest things we can do! Life is busy and fast out here I am just trying to let it all soak in! Wish all the new elders good luck and Ryan! That's so awesome. The scriptures and prayer and faith can get us through anything, we just have to do our part to allow the Lord to do his! Love you all and I will try to send pictures next time it has just been crazy today figuring stuff out! Love you all with all my heart! Keep on Keeping on! Elder Allred

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Kendra the Great said...

Oh my goodness I love this! Thank you so much for posting his emails on here! It is so incredibly how quickly they change and how we can tell through email how much they are growing! Love you Allreds! Hopefully next time I am in Cedar I can come visit!