Saturday, August 23, 2008

letter 3

oh getto i was writing a e-mail and it got messed up so sorry....... last week has been crazy and so much fun. i have grown leeps and bounds it just blows my mind how much more i have learned in such a short time. We got to go tracting on thursday....haha it was a blast me and my comp got denied so much but were lucky and were able to teach about the restoration at a door step and just had a plane old good time. I was strengthed so much and my testimony grew so much in the lord and what he went through was nothing nothing like our little two years of stuff so i think i can become strong from him. football everday is awesome i love playing it here, food is amazing the english eat a little different than us but still great and town has been awesome this last p-day. I just love england and the people and there way of talking and the history of some of the churches. The teachers here are amazing i have learned so much from them and the spirit in our classes and dicussions i just love it. The church is true live it love it endure to the end and have a great week. make one new friend this week! Its your goal i have given you. Next wed i will have my trainer and be down in the south....i am so excited but slighty you all.

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