Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Just a few housekeeping things.
Elder Allred loves your e-mail, however he cannot answer you via e-mail. In order for Elder Allred to be obedient to the mission rules he is to e-mail immediate family only. He can receive snail mail all the time. He can only read his e-mails once a week, therefore if he receives 30 e-mails he will spend all his time reading e-mails. He can read his regular letters anytime he receives them, and he loves the letters more than e-mail, he said. It cost $.94 cents per letter or card and takes approximately 7 days. So let’s flood him with letters and cards to keep up his spirits and keep him from getting homesick. One more thing, when sending packages always declare everything as "Missionary Supplies" and send it flat rate. Remember to send packages to the Mission Home only Everyone have a great day!!

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