Sunday, August 17, 2008

letter 2

Hey all, loved all your e-mails, your all such amazing people and i love each and every one of you dearly. Yeah a bunch of us missionaries were talking the other day and we all thought it was so crazy how much we have learned in only one week. So the answer to your questions mom are as follows.... there are 5 of us going to london south in the MTC and 24 missionaries overall in this group. we leave aug 27 and head down to the london temple and then get to go and preach the word from there. Our MTC pres is Pres Sorenson and then we also have Pres Petridge. Both amazing men that i have learned so much from and from there wives. They are just so easy going and so loving and just awesome. We get to write e-mails every saturday, and we have p-day on tuesday for part of the day. We got to go into town and what not, it was fun cuz my MTC comp is an english native so he helped me out alot and it was awesome so i bought an english jursey and we just had fun walking around Chorley. It was so funny we were just walking down the street and this man told us to f off and we just smiled at him and kept walking. That one man just re-affirmed my testimony, that so many people hate this gospel because of the happiness it can bring you and the spirit that can overcome you. In one week i have learned more and studied more than my whole life, and i love it more than anything....its not easy but it will be worth it when in that very hour that one scripture i read will be able to help me help someone understand the gospel and a principle and let the spirit testify to them the truthfulness of this message. So many amazing experiences to share, so i wont try but just a we watched a dvd of elder Holland talking at the provo MTC in april 2006. It blew my mind and was so amazing i could feel the spirit as he talked and I just new how important it is to be out on a mission. There are only a few times in the church where you will be called to the office of an elder..... a missionary....or a seventy or an apostle of the lord and he just made us realize how important it is and to use these two years to the full extent and live all day every day to serve the lord because you may never get such a chance again. Thanks for all the e-amils everyone i loved reading them. Here are a few amazing scriptures I have come to love.... Mosiah 4:6 it will blow your in the lord! Its my Christ like attribute i am learning to get (haha) it will take the rest of my life but it really does help me everytime i read it. Here are some others, Enos, read it all and just think what a stud he was. 3 Nephi 27:27, Mosiah 2:17, all of 2 Nephi rocks and 3 Nephi 11 and oh just so many scriptures. We taught these two members who were being investigators for us the other day, it was so sweet and i just felt the spirt calm my body and mind so much and just said what i felt and it was such a amazing and testimony building experience. so much learning and growing and what not so i will keep on keeping on and thanks for all the love. Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Allred..
ps: Elder Bednar is a stud! we watched a dvd about him too, it ruled!

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