Monday, August 11, 2008

WOW 1st letter

So i am writing my first e-mail from England...haha its amazing over here, i really can't put into words everthing that has happend, but i guess its worth a try. So the plane ride was well, we had 12 elders travling from America over here to the England MTC. They are all amazing mates, great young men that have been called of god. Good thing ,because were very inadquate and the only way were going to teach anyone anything is by the spirt. The MTC over here is the greatest thing ever. they treat us well, almost too well. The MTC president and his counsler are amazing men called of God, you can feel it in the way they care for us, and want to do all they can for us to be better messengers of God. On the plane ride over I talked to two brothers from Wales, it was the best. we talked for 3 or 4 hours on that 8 hour ride. I was feeling the spirt so much and just wanted to talk to him, about the gospel, his name was James. haha, so no joke like ten min before we landed in Manchester I told him about us missionaries and why we were coming to England and then I gave him a pass-a-long card and told him he would find the truth of God by studying the things of this, the true church. Yeah i was rubbish at it, haha not a great flow or anthing but i am sure it will get better. He and his brother Tom were amazing guys that hopefully some day find this gospel to be true. Thanks so much for all the little cards in my stuff there great quotes. This place is amazing and i couldnt be more happy than i am now in life. I fretted away so much of my life to silly things that arent going to be with me into eternity and i have already found that out in the first day of my mission, and now i feel way bad to the lord for my actions, but now is the time to rise up as pres Hinkley would have us do. So i challege each of you to pray every morning and night togeater as a family even when its tough, have family home evening even if its just for a min because its our relationship with our father in heaven that should mean most and those things will strengthen it. I have been so foolish, so lets not have it anymore from either of us. I love you all and am greatful for your testimonies and the strength they provide me. It is amazing and this gospel is true. Never hold your tounge, open your mouth and share that happiness with everone, because don't you think they deserve this same joy we have? Yeah i am sure we have the same thoughts on that. I have not prepared near enough, so let everyone know there is always more you can do. Preach My Gospel is the sickest study material ever, it can make each and everyone of us more effective teachers of Christ so read it, study it, and talk of it. Everything is fine and safe in the East, let everyone know that. Love you all and keep on keeping on.
Love Elder Allred...Peace Out

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Renee' said...

What a great letter! I wish all new missionaries shared in Garren's excitement and decication. What a wonderful young man you have raised! Jerry...that slideshow was so neat-thanks for sharing that with us-made me tear up a bit with the music and all. Please know that Garren and you guys are always in our prayers. Love ya! Renee'