Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"First of the Fruits"

Too much to say in one e-mail. All I can say is I KNOW Heavenly Father loves me. Everyone else I have learned way to much to talk about this week.
So..... we had 4 baptisms last Sat, they were amazing and the spirit was so strong. One of our investigators Debbie that was baptized, she was so scared and didn't want to go through with it, but some brothers in the ward gave her a blessing and she felt at peace! Ah.. it was just so amazing and Elder Peterson baptized Debbie and her cute little girls Katlyn and Courtney, and a brother in the ward baptized the other sister Jo. Sunday was even more amazing, it was ward conference so we were able to meet the stake presidency and had 4 confirmations. I had the privilage of confirming Debbie, I thought I would be scared as it was my first time but the spirit was so strong and put me at peace even in front of all those people. The spirit in all the meetings was amazing and it just strengthened me so much in knowing this is Jesus Christ's Church as it says on my name tag! You can feel of everyones love for the savior. AWWW it's so amazing , I just never want to leave, and even when its a hard day you can see one positive thing or something you have learned or one person you were able to talk to and make them smile or help them feel the spirit! The ward is amazing, about 70 members, 8 young women and no young men, so the older brothers do the sacrament unless they need us, but we normally sit next to our investigators or part-member families. So we went on exchanges with the APs and the zone leaders this last week and of course it was amazing. I learned so much about finding and sharing the gospel with non members. Be happy, have fun and help them realize the happiness the gospel can brings, not rules but freedom from the crazy world and peace and everlasting just makes my heart burn thinking about it and tears come to my eyes! I love every bit of the gospel, "Preach my Gospel" has changed my life and the scriptures, they are so personal and give the greatest guidance in this life. We may not understand everything about them or totally agree with all of it, but once we excersise our faith we will come to a knowledge of its truth and happiness. The lord loves and cares about each of us HIS children ,and he wants us to be happy, we just need to choose the RIGHT happiness. Talking to everyone about the gospel and just people in general is amazing. It opens me up and helps me to understand how we think and act and why we do things.... Do we act to bring about temporal satisfaction or do we act to help others come to a realization of eternal happiness. It's not always easy to do such things, but hey I can promise you will all my HEART that this THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST is the one true church that will bring you everlasting happiness FOREVER. Its tough but it is always worth it. We have found lots of new people and hope to teach them soon and get them to church and feel of our saviors love. Zone meeting was crazy awesome and the spirit was so strong and I learned so much. Progress Records are wonderful, make the missionaries understand them dad! We have Zone conference in Poule tomorrow and are traveling to Plymoth after p-day to go in a three some with the zone leaders and tear Plymoth apart with the spirit! I am so excited, at zone conference there are going to be 2 area 70's, and hopefully we get to have interviews with them! Ah I just can't wait. The president and his wife come to zone meetings and zone conference and those are once a move which is every 6 weeks! The first presidency message in "Preach my Gospel" is so true. I love it with all my heart. It is not easy, but man it is so rewarding for others as well as ourselves. Tell Kendra and everyone else Hi, and good luck in school. Have an amazing week Mum, thank you for your amazing e-mails. I love, love, love, them each week they bring me much joy and strength! Pray with so much love and your whole heart and you will feel of our Heavenly Fathers love. I have felt it every night.
Love always Elder Allred.
PS: Debbie had us over for TEA yesterday and ahhhh fish and chips and mushy peas!!!! so amazing! I love england!

PSS...We do all our laundry at our Flat we have a washer and dryer, the ward does so much for us and gets us so much, but we do a little shopping, Walmart is kinda like Tesco or Asda. But yeah, its very similar to America, just a bit more expensive and we do have a lot of DAs. P-days are crazy and we have so much to do, but hopefully next week we get to go do a bit of sightseeing and go to the beach! Life is great, thanks for everything and all the prayers. Your all amazing I miss you but... love it out here! Two years is gonna go way to fast! Love Elder Allred

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