Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 7

So so much has happened since last week. I wrote you we had a Zone conference with two general authorities and the spirt was so strong there. I was so happy and just loved it. We also had fun getting to zone conference as it was a 5 hour drive to Poole but we drove a bit the night before and stayed with our zone leaders and then woke up ridiculosly early and got there at about 8 AM. Me and Elder Peterson were called up after I said something about one of our investigators and the general authority had his arm around Elder Peterson and looked me straight in the eye when we were talking. He was an amazing man, and then we dicussed Julia our current investigator with everyone for 15 min. It was amazing the spirit I felt, This is the most important path anyone will ever take and we need to let them know and take control of the situation so they can have true happiness and feel the love of our Heavenly Father at all times. We had a somewhat crazy weekend, lots of things went wrong but we kept strong and exercised our faith and have been so blessed these last few days. We talked with this man John on the High St. for about an hour. It was amazing, he was an amazing guy and committed to read the B of M in a week so thats going to be so awesome, and he is a single father which is rare for over here. We also talked to David the other night for about 45 min on his door step and gave him a Book of Mormon to read, he was the nicest guy I have ever met in my life. So cool he is like 35 with two young kids and we just had the most amazing chat. Life has just been great I love it over here, the good and the bad, but through all of our trials whatever they may be we can pray and talk with our Heavenly Father, he will answer us and help us through any situation were going through. Its not always gonna be easy but I can promise it is most definetly worth it. Commandments are for our happiness, when people break them it brings them into the gulf of misery not freedom or true happiness. True happiness comes from living the gospel and doing all you can to become more like Christ. Charity is an amazing attribute read that section in "Preach My Gospel". Show that to everyone, its hard to not judge based on appearance but we need to overcome that nature in us because we are all brothers and sisters, all childeren of God. The gospel is exciting, its fun, its real everlasting happiness like fairy tail style! You have to want that for everyone, so share it. I was sad you didn't e-mail me this week mom, haha I guess you were too busy. Still love you to pieces and everyone else. haha I only had one e-mail, so more people can e-mail me alright? Friends, anyone I will only respond to yours though! Tell everyone hi, thanks for everything, all the prayers and love and thanks for raising me right and being disciplined! You and dad are amazing!
Love your son Elder Allred

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Jerry said...

Deniece, You do such an awesome job. I wouldn't know where to begin. This looks great! I know everyone will love it. Jerry