Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rich in History

Oh what a day...we were able to spend the day visiting Windsor Castle with President and Sister Shamo and also their son Spencer. It was grand and amazing to see such a huge and indescribable castle that was so rich in history and had such intricate architecture you just went from room to room standing in amazement of how and maybe the better question to ask was why did they do it...why so fancy and so nice?  So sorry for not writing in such a long much has happened and it has all flown by like a dream. We have had all our Zone Interview days/Zoko's which were absolutely amazing, filled with excitement and reflection of all the miracles that the lord has provided to us since the beginning of the year. We had an awesome slide show of all the baptisms with some sweet music along with it and each time we showed it,  lots of emotions came out and gratitude for being able to know and see such people come into the gospel. As I sat there reflecting on all these people, I thought to myself all the people the Lord had blessed me with to be able to teach and I was so filled with joy and happiness for everything that had been given by him and I realized once again that he is the one directing all of this work in such a way that he gets it all done in a manner that is beneficial to all involved. Over the past week we were out on the road all week going from city to city doing exchanges and it was amazing to go and work with all these wonderful missionaries as there is so much to learn from each and every one of them I just love being able to take it all in and grasp onto what can help me or maybe help someone else so we can all be the best missionary for our savior. He deserves that much and more for all he went through for us. In all the exchanges there were so many miracles big and small, but I think the thing I was able to notice most from all of them was how quick Heavenly Father is to guide us and give us that spiritual direction that we need to do his work. Time and time again an impression or thought or idea would come and by following them we were able to really assist him in this work.  Teaching has to be one of my most favorite things to do; it is a challenge and makes us stay on the ball learning and growing all the time in order to be guided by God when we need it. As well as in teaching you see some grasp it and light them up inside and there really is no greater joy than seeing someone else fill the spirit of the gospel come into their lives. This work is all about others and when we come to realize that we begin to catch the fire of missionary work. My invitation to you is to teach someone (non-member) a gospel principle this next week and invite them to live it to learn its truthfulness for themselves. This work is true, so very true. It makes me happy inside and out!  I love you all, thanks for everything that you all do, sorry this is short but look for some more soon...
Have a great week family!!!!!!
Love Elder Allred

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