Sunday, June 20, 2010

Changes , and Life goes on!!

The past three months have just been one big blur...They have been filled with many sacred experiences with Elder Christensen and to see him off this morning was easy at first but now it has slowly hit me that they...are gone. Elder Ellsworth one of my favorites, someone who taught me so much and was such a good companion and someone who really helped me grow is now gone. Elder Timmons, an amazing missionary who introduced me to London and the way of teaching the people from Africa is also now on his way home. It was a sobering time spending these last few moments with them, but... it is one of happy thoughts as I reflect on all the amazing experiences we have all had together. I was filled with joy and happiness as I thought about these valiant missionaries. I was contemplating there brief two year service for the Lord and it is so awesome to see the Joy and satisfaction on their faces knowing they have given their all to the Lord and he was pleased for what they have done. This was a stark contrast from the experience seeing the 28 new missionary’s fresh out of the Preston MTC coming ready to see what this is all about, and trying to find their footing and figure out how to be a servant of the Lord and to have that complete trust and love for him. It was a blast to teach and practice with them and learn from them and see how prepared they really are. Many of them have lots of talents that will help them as they preach the gospel. I was so impressed by their character and their enthusiasm for the work it was great. They just were all gung-ho and wanting to get out and do the real work. You meet people and in an instant you really can fill this overwhelming love for them and who they are. This I feel is President Shamos' greatest attribute. He has so much love and is so caring for every single person, and wants them to feel loved and important and he wants them to succeed. What a gem of a man he is and a great example for us all.
Wow, so much has happened since I last wrote to you. First of all amazing miracles that bring warmth to my soul. Louise Joines, a Former In-Active member in Peckham ward that Elder Ellsworth and I taught has now been going back to church for a few months and this last Sat. her 8 year old son Jordan was baptized! The Elders had been teaching him after she had been coming back to church, so they wanted Elder Ellsworth to do the baptism before he went home, it was so amazing! Joy and true happiness really do come into people’s lives as they accept and live the gospel. We had the privilege to attend the baptism as well as pick up my new companion...Elder Bang... its pronounced Bong though. He is from Denmark, Copenhagen. What an amazing missionary and person. He is awesome and it is such a blessing to be able to serve with him. His parents are both converts and he and his family are just rock solid. I love working with him and it is going to be an exciting next 6 weeks with all these changes, all the new missionaries and just this work in general is exciting and fun! I love it so much. I did get my box...that was the one from Kyle right? It had MS buffalo sticks right? Thanks so much we tasted them and they were amazing!!! In the many activities we have been engaged in over the past weeks there have been a few things that really have stuck out to me. One, how amazing the scriptures are and the inspiration and joy they can bring to you as you really take the time to feast on those sacred texts, and sharing them as well and seeing someone else get the same joy and satisfaction out of reading them. Two how important it is to never take anything for granted and live in the moment, don't let anything else to effect you or make you un-happy we have that great power to choose the things we want in our life it is as simple as that choosing to overcome the hardships and trials and adversity and turn to your Father in Heaven because he will lift us up he will not leave us comfortless, we have to give him that time in our lives. Three how important it is to be happy and enthusiastic, with these two attitudes we can be such a great influence in the lives of others for the positive. I love this gospel; it is tried true and tested truth! Our savior lives, he did what no one else could do and has provided the only way to true happiness. This is it, and it is amazing to have in our lives. Oh how great it is to make this known to everyone. Let us all live our life in a way that others will open their hearts to what their Heavenly Father wants them to do. He wants one thing..."unto thy brethren have I said, and also given commandments, that they should love one another, and that they should choose me, their Father'' Moses 7:33
We must truly always apply this one verse of scripture...''I will shew thee my faith by my works'' James 2:18. I love you all and thanks for all you do for me! You’re the best family anyone could ever ask for!
(We are his only family, He can’t get rid of us that easily. LOL)
Elder Garren Allred

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