Sunday, May 9, 2010

the Restored Gospel enables you to...

Wow what a week.....full of some long lasting and amazing experiences. The crazy thing is, it is all going to fast and I fail to remember many things that happen and that is not good at all because I really want to remember all of these important and life changing times.
This last week some amazing things happened, I will highlight a few.... Tuesday we had a great district meeting in High Wycombe, Wednesday a wrench was thrown in the works with a Part-Time missionary coming in early for a training day but it all worked out in the end, I then did some work around the office. Thursday we traveled in the morning to the famous Bristol, for a ZT (Zone Training Day) it was awesome I really learned so much and felt like the lord really taught me a lot as we taught and trained. That evening we traveled back after president had a meeting and it was very late but we had a good time driving together, as president taught us and shared some cool stories with us. We learned a lot about what really happened with the Mountain Meadow Massacre, and loads of history and background upon it. I found it all very interesting and fascinating. The next day we finished up some projects and then welcomed Elder Hinkley to our mission for a day as he came to see our visitor centre and meet with President Shamo.We had the blessing to meet him and later that night with some others from the mission office we had dinner with Elder and Sister Hinkley at President Shamo's. What wonderful people, so humble and warm and inviting. They just really made you feel comfortable, for some strange reason General Authorities seem to have that effect on you. We ate an amazing meal and then Elder Christensen, me, and Elder Vistante taught at the end of dinner. It was great being able to sit there and share some thoughts and ideas and scriptures with a General Authority and then commit them all to do something, you know I don't think that will happen everyday.

Wow so sorry I haven't written for a while, it really has been an intense last couple of weeks filled with many amazing experiences and many blessings from the Lord. Please forgive me for not writing but hey on the bright side of things we get to talk on the phone for an hour this Sunday. My phone call will most likely be in the evening time around 7ish or 8ish, so there about 12 or 1 ? or i can call at a different time whatever works best for you.

I love you all and thank you so much for all the support and prayers it really means the world to me!

Much love
Elder Allred

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