Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I will try and answer all the Q's first.
Elder Ellsworth has been out one move before me. Yes we kind of have a Christmas tree. Yes there is a Tesco near us, we would love anything, Mexican stuff:) and some ice cream, the best time would be in the evenings after 9pm at the flat. Elder Toyn is doing great I saw him at the temple on the last moves just 2 weeks ago. He is awesome. Yes I really have been so very blessed with all the many amazing companions I have had they really all have taught me so much and I have loved all of the time I have been able to spend with them. YES Nando’s is amazing, kind of expensive but amazing. but all 4 times I have been there it was free because 'Frank' (Long story about who frank is, funniest guy ever, not a member but takes those missionaries that he likes most out to lunch every so often and he has taken us out a few times) actually we’re going to lunch with him today but not to Nandos, took us and it is fantastic Portuguese grilled chicken! Ha-ha no nothing special for Thanksgiving dinner, but we were at the temple all day, almost, doing a power point presentation for elder Ellsworth for an YSA Conference. We had Chicken and Chips though from a chicken shop....ha-ha it is a real ghetto fast food type of spot but it was fun! In different areas I have given more service than others, like here in Peckham were always teaching and don’t have too much time for anything else. That is so cool about dads calling I hope it all goes amazing and if I can help in any way let me know. Yes you can read the journals and everything. Haven’t really seen a Nutcracker but I will have an eye out for one. About the self-discipline thing: I feel it is one of the biggest traits and is a key to success and being happy and learning how to take advice and counsel from leaders and the lord. Yeah there probably could have been more help in that area. Most missionaries develop it in the field but it should all be started back home and refined in the field to become truly more Christ-like. Yes got the summer sausage:) you’re the best you know that mom! Elder Ellsworth says hi and he loves you and thinks you’re amazing. Yes the 25 days of Christmas have been awesome and I think you’re extremely funny with all of them! Thank you for all you do and all of the prayers it has been helping so much.
Well we had a busy busy week too much to tell, Tuesday we were at presidents house for a ZLC and learned so many great things about purity and having clean and pure thoughts and being more righteous so as to receive the blessings from the lord. We then finished some Stake correlation stuff and traveled with president to a meeting with the Stake Presidency for the Wandsworth stake. It was great talking with president and learning from him and feeling the Great Spirit that he always carries with him. Also on Friday we had a special Christmas Zokos, with a special program and watched some amazing outtakes from the Joseph Smith Film, our zone did a sweet rendition to Rudolph and our own London version of the 12 days of Christmas it was a great spiritual time and a good laugh. Then Saturday we had a baptism for Sam a very sweet girl that is really taking the gospel into the life and allowing it to change her and become a better person. Heavenly Father blesses us so much every day, a man that Ellsworth met on the bus came to church and really loved it and after we committed him for baptism. God prepares the hearts and makes them ready we just have to be brave and go out of our comfort zone. I love this work it is always hard but more than that a hundred times it is worth it all to see someone realize what TRUE HAPPINESS is, real lasting joy that can only come from the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and I love him for what he has done for us. Each day sometimes there is a hard moment and you feel like slowing down but you realize that he never did and it boost you up to press forward and do your very best.
Love you all have A sweet week and enjoy this time and serving others!
Love Elder Allred

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