Monday, November 30, 2009

New Area

Ha-ha yeah I did need a lot of training when I first came out and still do:0! Yep I got the packages the big brown one and Elder Foongs, thanks so much. Not the flat rate envelope yet but I will let you know! Also I sent you guys some really amazing stuff, a box, let me know when you get it. Thanks Chris for the package:) Tell the family hi for me.
So wow! these last two weeks have been quite crazy, it was such a blessing to be serving with Elder Foong, he taught me so much and made me want to be a better missionary and person, he is still in Brixton and is doing well so were still in the same zone. I have really only moved one area over and its way different and amazing and there is so much success going on here due to the other missionaries and all the hard work they do and how great they are. I am now with an Elder Ellsworth, from San Diego. He is a really amazing missionary and great teacher. I am learning lots from him and it has been real fun so far and I think it will continue to be a really exciting Christmas. We’re teaching loads of people right now, a girl is getting baptized this weekend and then a couple from Ghana is getting baptized on the 19th and a amazing man named Alfredo from Bolivia is getting baptized on the 19th, heavenly father has blessed them loads and it is such a blessing to come into this and see it all unfold. The zone is great, it covers pretty much the south part of the city of London.....there is beauty all around here:) Heavenly Father really loves to hear from us, the last few days we have made it a point to have our personal evening prayer out loud, and it has been a great blessing to really have a conversation with Heavenly Father. I have felt more and more that he is listening to what I have to say and he wants to really help out and do things for me as long as I am willing to trust him and do what he has said and taught me. Prayer is such an amazing thing that we must all let it become a part of our lives.
I have really felt the saviors love and am learning so much as I go through reading the whole New Testament, in Luke 4:18, I really love where it talks about him healing the broken hearted and I feel and know that that is exactly what the gospel of Jesus Christ can do. We may not feel like our heart is broken or we may feel fine now, but if we always trust in our own wisdom we will fall someday and in our moment of need we will cry unto something or someone and want help. He will hear us but will be saddened that it took so long for us to come to him and listen to his voice. Let’s all become rooted in the faith and never stop growing in our knowledge of the gospel and love for it.
Missionary work is amazing, I love how amazing you feel when someone realizes that this is what they always needed in their life and now they are getting it! How exciting and fun is it to connect a son or daughter with a father that has been waiting for them to come to him. You are the best family, I love you all and am so grateful for you and your support and inspiration and allowing me the opportunity to serve out here. Thank for all the prayers and everything else it is really working. Tell Ton Ton hi and I hope to hear from him soon.
Oh yeah Maggie was the ladies name of the house Elder Foong and I stayed in, her husband is Stan and he is not a member. We will figure out the phone call no worries. Have a great week and enjoy the Christmas Season make it a great one!!!

Love Elder Garren Allred
in Peckham now!

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