Monday, July 13, 2009

Spiritually intense Week

It has been an amazing week filled with many special experiences that I will never forget. Life is so important and to love and express love freely and to always help others. Man it is so not about us or what we want but its about them (those that don't have the gospel in their lives) it is all about helping them to find what is already inside there waiting to come out and be the happiest person in the world. Sorry about the packages, so this is where we are at, I have the slip for one of the packages, I will give that to Sister Readhead, don't know about the other package, not got the letters yet. Did get my SD card and prophet CD:) Yeah that would be best to just send it to the mission office, also remember it has to go through normal mail to not have a customs charge, it's alright though no worries it will all get sorted out.
Gordon Rae Wright was baptized and confirmed this week, what an amazing and spiritual experience that was, he is such a humble and patient and child-like guy when it comes to prayer and church. He reminds me a lot of dad, funny enough except for the fact that Gordon is pretty much almost blind. (so is Jerry) Elder Roberts and I spoke and one of the young men preparing for a mission did the baptism. So great to be able to witness GODS hand in this the greatest work in the world.
Also had a sad phone call this week for Elder Roberts, his Nana pasted away, she wasn't a member as well, but he was really close with her so it was rough for him but he is doing amazing now, we had some great experiences together as we prayed and needed that strength from Heavenly Father. I felt it so much I knew just as I had always known that these things are true, that the plan of salvation is a true plan. The spirit lifted us up big time and we were able to see many miracles:) Thanks for all you do mom your the best mom ever you do so much for me and I am so grateful for everything....:) I am so glad you had a good time in Salt Lake meeting everyone, in one of dads photos was a sister missionary named Sister Mills, so funny you got to meet all those amazing missionaries. This week was amazing and this next one is going to be as well, Josiane is getting baptized on Sat., after she goes to the visitor center at the temple, I am so excited......:) I love teaching the gospel it flows in my blood now:) have the best week ever!!Thanks for the photos I loved them!!! He is amazing isn't he? The Swintons are truly loving servants of the lord. Changed many lives over here and will for many years to come. Elder Cusik is such an amazing missionary man he is awesome i love that guy. I don't know about that being prepared to be a ZL but who the Lord calls he qualifies:) I am glad you had an amazing time with them, thanks for that I am sure they loved the support and meeting you! Thanks for all you do dad you are such an amazing example and have taught me so much about life that carries me through my mission. You are such an amazing and fun dad I am so grateful for all the experiences we have had together. Have the best week ever and tell everyone in the ward hi!!!! :) Love you

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