Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How Great Thou Art!!

Sorry I didn’t e-mail you mom, ahhh I am a bad son. Love you so much and thanks for the Easter cards and the e-mail in the post that was exciting and happy to get! Haven’t got the package yet soon hopefully and I will be sending the sd card this week, then take all the photos off and send it back thanks:)
Coxey is doing amazing, he is done smoking as of today we made him some special stuff to quit smoking and we are doing a special fast today for him. Wow that’s crazy about the hard drive to always have a back-up plan. We had the best Easter Sunday ever. Five amazing people came to church, the baptism for Adebola and Coxey is planned for this sat and it was just a great week and weekend. Met this amazing new girl named Marian, she is 24 and from the Gambia. She totally just accepted it all and a baptismal date on the second teach. It was amazing, we do have some trials to work through with her because she normally works on Sunday but heavenly father will provide. That’s so crazy Ryan is home, so cool. Tell him hi and what an amazing missionary he is. You’re so right Coxey has changed so much in his life in such a short period of time and it’s all because of the atonement and it just blows me away at how much it truly changes a person and all for the better. I love my brother Jesus Christ, what an example and he is more loving than I could ever imagine, I feel his love for me on a daily basis and that’s what the gospel is all about is allowing him to change our heart and give us all that we want, eternal happiness, eternal families, eternal progression. That’s cool that there is an UK LDS bookstore online, that’s way awesome. Yes we can get phone cards way easy at the post office so no worries :)
Hey you should sign us up for the amazing race mom, we would dominate! haha. So cool for Bryce! Man that’s so crazy so many missionaries coming out of Cedar. Not really craving much at the moment but thanks for that mom, if I do I will let you know. That would be cool tell our new mission pres hi if you do have the chance to meet him. Tell pres Monson hi at the graduation as well! So what a week we had, loads of running around and some great new people we have begun teaching. We had some crazy miracles’ one with this lady named bola, she was walking back from school the other day we stopped her and she was sad and kind of depressed we talked about Christ and his love for us. We went around a and taught her, she said we were an answer to her prayers, she was just not happy and knew we were men of god and it was so great too bad she is hardcore involved with her Pentecostal church but when we taught her the second time we brought this amazing member and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, she asked if her baptism counted by her pastor....ahh I was all like sorry but no it didn’t count well not fully and it was way amazing because he accepted that and knows what we’re teaching is the truth. I am so grateful for the b of m and its power in touching people’s hearts it comforts them and brings the spirit into their lives and helps them to make that connection with heavenly father and understand more about everything. I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you do, your support, your love, your e-mails. I know that this is the fullness of the gospel. I know I have a real father in heaven and he truly does love me and looks out for me and I know the holy ghost is such a real influence I have felt that power so many times in a teach on the street helping me talk to others and just so many times. As for myself I am weak, I know understand how Ammon felt in Alma 26. Heavenly father does all these great things for us, my heart pours out with gratitude for him and all that he has given me.
On a funny and light note we went to some Pentecostal church last night, they were rocking out and it was great, I was holding back from laughing so hard they were having so much fun and just have such a passion for Jesus Christ I feel it’s something we can learn from them.
Love you all and have a great week. I will send photos of the baptisms from this upcoming next week.
Love Elder Allred :)

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