Monday, October 27, 2008

One crazy week!!!!

There has been too much this week to write about all the amazingness and funniness. We started teaching 7 new investigators and we set 3 baptismal dates with them. We have just been so blessed with all the amazing people we have had the chance to teach and speak with. On Wed. we had a zone meeting in Exter. That was fun, but lot and lots of driving. Now things are settled down this move. Things with Simon and Jenny have been good; me and elder Peterson are giving up chocolate till Christmas to help them stop smoking. Just tons of awesome people and it is all because of our father in heaven. Ha-ha sorry I sounded down, I have been great actually! :) Actually we only get to go to the temple once a year. Yeah, goodies are to give to those people we teach, cds for me and others; hey could you send a DVD of Charley, and maybe any other good church movies. Thanks :) Yeah I have given a lot away it means more to others anyway! But thank you so much for all you do mom. Wow I bet that was amazing at the temple. It is such a beautiful place and so peaceful and knowing we can be with our families forever is such a blessing in this life I am so grateful for that. Simon is just kind of a questioning guy but he wants to learn and hope for more, their family is amazing. We cooked tea for them this last week it was a blast. Tea is a meal around 6:30 at night, dinner is like lunch and supper is a meal at 8:30. Ha-ha so funny. Great story we locked the keys in our car this last week and were without a car for the rest of that day luckily the office was able to post us a spare so we got that the next morning. It was so funny! I hope he likes it. We do some walking, but not too much and I would say it’s a nice mixture of flats and houses. And the food fair, I bet that was nice :) Tell everyone hi, tell Marsha hi. Love you all and keep on keeping on. Life is great and live everyday to the fullest. The scriptures really are amazing I love studying them now I guess our perspective on life starts to change as life goes on. and the restored gospel is what can bring us the most happiness in this life and the life to come. I love you all and thank you for everything. You’re an amazing family. Your prayers are being heard.

Love elder Garren Allred

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