Monday, July 12, 2010

Faith a Divine Trust

Monday July 5th
Hey hey family! All is well in England. This last week has been amazing, so many exciting things and so much fun we have been having. Tue was our great p-day as Mon was our last zone conference. I found an amazing new suit that you can wash in the washer, so sweet! As well as got some goodies for you all J Then that evening and part of Wed was spent getting everything ready for our exchanges for Thurs. Fri, and Sat. It was wonderful going to work in Plymouth, Bournemouth, and Southampton over those three days. We saw many miracles from Heavenly Father as we worked with all the zone leaders from each of the areas. They are all such great missionaries with so much passion and desire for the work and wanting to help others and the missionaries in there zones. It amazes me that young men our age can really rise up and change and take so much responsibility upon themselves. In Plymouth I worked with Elder Judd, an amazing guy from down in Southern Utah. We really had a good time allowing the Lord to guide us from place to place and talk to those around, giving them an opportunity to accept the gospel. Oh yeah an Thurs. morning as I was shaving in there bathroom, a hot water pipe burst and started spraying everywhere water was all over in there bathroom standing water. We had to pull the carpet up and hang it up to dry outside. It was intense and slightly funny as we were rushing around to find the member that they live with so he could show us where the shut off valve was then finally it was shut off. An awesome experience and an awesome exchange as we really applied the counsel of "come what may and love it" and not allowing anything to affect us and how we handled the situation.
Off to Bournemouth Thurs. night and spent all day Fri working with an Elder Gardner from England, we too had some amazing experiences as we were contacting right in front of their chapel. Talked to loads of foreigners as it is a big university town and also a language study place so we met this sweet lady from Korea and later in the day we taught this other sweet Korean girl that is studying English at a school there for only a few months. She was amazing, so shy and quite but wow she shared a story with us about praying to God for help, she needed a new bike and she told him she would go to his church if he would help her they next day she received a new bike and a little while after that she met the missionaries and new this was right. She is now getting baptized on the 24 of July. It overall was a great time seeing the cultures of the world and teaching them the gospel and seeing how they take it and the happiness that comes as others begin to draw closer to their Father in Heaven.
Last was in Southampton with Elder Sorbonne, we were in the same MTC group and flew over from America together. It was so fun to be able to do missionary work together in this our last transfer. We also were able to go to their baptism that they had that evening. It was just a blast to be in this wonderful city walking the streets and meeting some wonderful people. This one man from Ghana we talked with for a few minutes about the game as they had just lostL, we then got into a great discussion about truth and what we teach as missionaries. We walked with him back to his house and taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He was so interested in learning, as he had a PHD in Statistics but the sad thing is it wasn't with real intent or a sincere heart. What an amazing guy though I really felt a love for him and saw the potential to help so many more people with a fullness of truth and understanding of the gospel. It was just sad to see someone not really care enough to give it a proper chance as he will now miss out on all that in till he comes around and changes. He will one day I believe. The baptisms that they had were amazing, true converts, seekers of truth and those that will build the kingdom. I love this work it is so exciting and fun to teach and testify of Jesus Christ, what more can you want to do than help others understand who he truly was and is, as I reflect upon this my heart is draw out with great warmth and love for him my savior my redeemer, my friend that has been someone who I have had all the faith in the world in as a missionary. In trusting in him he has shown me that I can always trust him and follow him and put my confidence in him.
I love you all and hope you all have a great week as you look for those in need and participate in being the hands of the Lord to assist in his work.

Elder Allred

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