Monday, May 24, 2010

Losing our lives or Saving it?

Sorry i am a few days late again....I will get better!
We often think in the realm of the natural and humankind. We are naturally selfish, prideful, vain, foolish, we are most of the time looking out for number 1. By doing this we lose our life, we lose happiness, lose eternal progression. The Savior knew how important this principle of losing our lives in the cause of truth and for the sake of the Gospel. He showed us the perfect way and gave us so much motivation to press forward and overcome the natural and allow the spiritual to take over and take effect. This last week I have been thinking about this, applying it to missionaries and this work it is exactly what is asked of us. It may not make sense or seem logical to us but to him who sees' and knows all things it is simple and clear. We had a busy exciting filled week this last week! It flew by so fast it seems like it was ages ago. We had two new missionaries along with a new office sister come into the field. We arrived at the airport to pick them up and they were wide eyed and excited to be here in England. What wonderful missionaries, it is so amazing to see all these people so willing to give up what they have for a greater cause and something that will forever change the course of their lives. We spent the day with them and also preparing for a ZLC (Zone Leader Council) and just getting all the pieces in place for this coming moves. Then on Wed. we had ZLC for most of the day. I had the chance to teach and instruct about the topic of losing our lives. I really learned a lot and feel it is such a gospel basic and foundational principle to us progressing into eternities. Later that night we took Elder Harding back to the office to have him finish packing for his flight the next morning. He was a missionary that extended for one week to finish some projects he was working on for president. It is really weird and sad to see so many missionaries leave and to be the one to take them is also a very strange feeling. Strange or not it is done and it just shows me that we really need to live every day to the fullest extent because one day what your doing might all end. We took him to the airport the next morning and prepared for two zone training days for that Fri. On Fri. we had two great zone training days all about the Book of Mormon, it was so inspiring and great to here all these amazing things about this book that Heavenly Father has given us. We then left some commitments with people regarding giving more Books of Mormon away and later that day some miracles started to be reported as missionaries diligently sought to share this divine book with those around them. We finished of the day by completing some projects for training and moves and all sorts of things. Then on Sat. we worked on more projects and prepared for our Sunday trip to the coast. We went to church in Chitchester and also delivered two mattress to them. It was a small and humble ward but wow were they strong in there testimonies of the truth. It was inspiring as the youth talked about the responsibilities of the Aronic Priesthood, as it was the anniversary of that this last week. They were amazing youth and it really amazes me how much Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to learn and grow and progress, that is what this is all about, all these things we do in our short and simple lives. How sweet is that, that the power and right to act in the name of God is given to such people to help them realize who they are and what they can become as you were talking about in your e-mail mom and how Satan wants us to forget that. The Priesthood combats the power of Satan. Later that day we had lunch with an amazing Senior Couple from Idaho and then traveled to help president out with a fireside in a place near the coast called East Bourne. What an awesome fireside about the Savior and who he is and his great relation to us in this Plan of happiness. We then shot off in a hurry to the office to account with everyone for the week.
Hey I love you all and am so grateful for all you do, your prayers and support are priceless. This Gospel is so true and is the only thing in life that is constant, something that will always bring us happiness and something that will ultimately bring us to where we all want to go. Jesus Christ is more than a savior, more than a mediator, more than a redeemer, for what he has done i will not fully understand but I know that he lived a life for others, he is the son of god. That is a fact, and with that it is humbling to know he made himself a sacrifice for us for all our errors and stupid mistakes. The atonement of Christ is one of the most amazing gifts to be given. It helps me each day as I feel the love and understanding and compassion that he had and still has for us...his brothers and sisters and friends. lets remember him and lose our lives in his service in  which we truly find a life worth living.

Have a week of smiles:)

Love you all
Elder Garren Allred

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