Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There is Beauty All Around

What a week filled with many blessed experiences and some great things to learn from. We were blessed to be apart of the baptism of Paul Dankwah and Gifty Owusu, a sweet couple from Ghana. They were being taught a few weeks before I came here and they are just such a great couple with such a desire to draw closer to there Heavenly Father. They really were so so excited to be baptized and receive the gift of the holy ghost. Also we went on two exchanges this last week and I went with elder Foong in Brixton and we had some amazing miracles, committed this lady from China for baptism and she accepted it. They are having loads of success and it makes me so happy for elder Foong he is fantastic! I was also here in Peckham on Thursday with an elder Buckley from northern England, we had so many blessings. We had a great teach with Paul and Gifty in the morning along with another one with this amazing man from Bolivia that is getting baptized this next Saturday, Alfredo is his name. Then a recent convert brought her friend in for a chapel tour and she was way cool and quite interested and I am sure soon she will be fully blessed as she accepts the restored gospel. We also went and saw a lady that is less active and she was so warm, sweet and friendly and was so excited to see missionaries, what a blessing it was to teach her and then she was so helpful, she came with us to teach this Chinese man that lived close to her, Hong was extremely interested it was just kind of sad because he only spoke Chinese so we just left him with a BOM in his language and then we referred him to Elder Foong and two days later they went and taught him and he accepted a baptismal date and really wants to know what this feeling is that he gets when the missionaries speak to him. There is a man were teaching named Charley, from Serra Leone in his sixties, he is so cool and has come to church the last two weeks and has really enjoyed it all and from the events that have taken place with his wife calling us and telling us that he really needs to find God and change. We are hoping things keep going well and that he becomes more like Christ. I love this work it is so joyful and rewarding in so many ways. I see and feel many things that I never before saw or felt, I love these people, sometimes some of them are hard to love but if I think deeper and contemplate on the atonement I begin to feel a love for them. True happiness comes from losing our own lives to save another:) Your all the best family ever, thanks for all the love and support you give to me it really means a lot to me. Thanks for the cute drawing from Aryana and all the cool little goodies to give away:) I should be good on Ranch dressing for now and good on everything else thanks. In the Evening would probably be best, but its really up to you. Phone calls will be in the evening around 7 or 8 pm our time and we might do Skype but no video feed, but we shall know more details next Monday. Have a great time down in Texas and tell everyone hi and Marry Christmas and I Love them from me.
Thanks for the pictures I really loved them! Josh looks great. So do all of you. Thanks for all you do dad, your encouragement and love and guidance is so much appreciated. Love you loads and good luck with preparing for the preach my gospel class you will do amazing, I think you should share the "Beware of Pride" talk form Ezra Taft Benson with all the future missionaries, we had a whole zone meeting on it a while ago and it changed me and loads of other missionaries as well.

Elder Allred

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