Thursday, November 19, 2009

OH How Life is Great!!

This was a great week filled with some very interesting experiences. This amazing lady named Orientha came to Stake Conference with us this last Sun. and it was a great experience, the spirit of the lord was strong. There we were instructed by our leaders and friends. We were taught about walking a godly walk and it really made me to think about how I walk in terms of the steps I take and in what direction I am taking them. We must boldly walk on that straight and narrow path being lead by the spirit of the lord. Our father in heaven really loves us I feel it as I really TALK with him with my heart and let him know how things are going and what is on my mind. I know he listens. We are in a great search for new people to teach and to call the elect to hear the voice of the savior calling them all to come unto him and those, the elect will do as the apostles of old did in straightway leaving there nets. This last week we also had a leadership council meeting at the temple where we received some great instruction from president and sister Shamo and also our amazing assistants. There were many wonderful principles that we learned but most of all a scripture and story from the new testament really touched my heart.... found in John 6: 47-71.....but the one most of all that hit me was Peter answering to Jesus about there is nowhere else to go, he has the words and the way to eternal joy and happiness we must see this and feel it and follow that which we know to be true. This is truly the True and living Church once again restored by him the son of the living God even our Eternal Father I love him and love this work of his, thank you all for supporting and helping me to go forth and have the chance to be a missionary. Also this last week we met a man Barney, a training minister in another church and he wants us to teach him Mormon Doctrine and convince him of the truth. I just hope he truly has a sincere heart and real intent because he and his family were so nice and kind to us, so respectful and just made us feel loved. I want them to have the same blessing that I have of an eternal family. that’s what this is all about. I love you all and tell everyone hi for me, say hello to elder Cusick and elder Peterson. I am glad you got a new job already I hope you like it and everything works out just fine, mom you’re a superstar. Yes the limbs were here in the new area to which I just moved and I got to know them just a little bit but wow were they amazing, such powerful testimonies and a love for the gospel. Tell Kyle and heather and all the kids hi for me and that uncle Garren loves them a lot.
We won’t be e-mailing till next Thur. which is transfers day, I hope I stay but just make sure you send anything to the mission office. I will be sending a box to you all soon like this week. Warts are no problem, headache was a crazy thing I never get them and never like that no real explanation but it is fine now.
I want you all to know how much I love you and am grateful for all you do; you’re the best family ever! Always remember the strength comes from the lord and we must be doing what he has commanded us to receive that the greatest strength of all!!! Peach be the Journey:)

Elder Garren Allred

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