Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missionary Mom Miracles

I have to share an amazing story with you all. Garren receives his e-mails Wed. am. So I usually send his letter to him Tuesday night. Well this week for some odd reason I thought it sent, but I guess there was an error message that I didn't catch and he didn't get his e-mail. As you all read he was pretty sad and thought I was too busy. Well when I noticed the letter didn't get sent, it was too late as it was 3 pm England time. I was devastated. I cried all morning. Well I belong to this missionary mom website for England missionaries, and I checked my e-mails and many moms were asking if everyone received there letters. So I shared my plight and said I received his letter, but to my dismay he had not received mine. I shared how devastated and sad I was. Many moms came to my rescue from all over the world. There is a sister here in Utah that said there was a sister in England that would be more than happy to copy my e-mail and post it for him from England and he would have it in 2 days. So I e-mailed her and she said done and done. So it went our Wed evening. Then another sister introduced a British sister in Garren's ward to me via the internet, and she said she would copy it and take it over to him personally, so she did. She got it to him today. So now he will have several copies of his mom's letter.Her name is Sister Sharon Stone, and she lives right in Camborne. She sent me a very sweet e-mail about him that I would like to share with you all. Here it is:
Hi this is Sister Sharon Stone I was so happy to be able to help with getting your email to your son. He is doing very well, is a good missionary and I have them in my home regularly. I feed them a good hot meal and I know they get fed by others too. I am a ward missionary so I get to go on teaches with them and see how they work. You have no need to fear on that score he is a good teacher you can tell he studies well and learns quickly. Any time something like that happens to you again don't panic send mail through me. I only wish I knew Elder Peterson's mom too I would love to tell her some things I know she would be glad to hear, If you know of her could you ask her if she would like my e-mail and I will gladly e-mail her. I want you to know that I don't use this as a spy tool, its just my way of looking after a child of another mother who wants to know her child is ok, to be able to strengthen and uplift them. Ok I have to run but feel free to email anytime xxx Sharon
I am so grateful for this sweet sister. She was literally an answer to my prayer that Wed. morning as I did not want Garren to go the whole week, and think we were too busy. He needs all the encouragement that we can muster for them. He only got one short e-mail from his sister. The tiny miracles our Heavenly Father blesses us with. Have a great week

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utsoccermom said...

I'm so glad that you were able to work out your email. What an awesome experience to have with a super sweet English mum! Your son is lucky to have someone look out for him and report to you. I was able to connect with my son's RS Pres. who was here to visit her father who is the MP in our area. She took a small package back to England with her for our missionary. It was comforting to be able to talk to someone who had been and is still in contact with our missionary. Is'nt it a small wonderful world when you have a son on a mission?!
P.S. Love the new look on the blog!! Kathy